Bouchard Gold Communications

Gold Communications is now Bouchard Gold Communications. After working together for several years, we're changing our name to reflect that Steve Bouchard is a partner in our firm.

Even though our name has changed, our philosophy remains the same. Throughout history stories have been the most effective method of communication and persuasion -- and we want to tell your story.

Telling compelling stories is why we craft strategy, it’s why we write and it’s why we create the most effective direct mail communications…we invest our energies in making your story the one that matters at the ballot box or in the court of public opinion.

The Bouchard Gold Communications team includes Founding Partner Dave Gold, one of America's most honored and trusted strategists, Partner Steve Bouchard, one of the country's most sought-after political advisors with over 21 years of campaign experience, Partner/ Creative Director Slay Phillips, and Principal/ Director of California Office Swati Marwah.

Our team has helped win tough fights across the country for Democratic candidates, progressive causes, ballot initiatives and public affairs efforts. We've done it by creating effective communications strategies and direct mail that can cut through advertising clutter…reach the reader's emotions and intellect…and mobilize them to act.

Creating mail that matters!

Our philosophy on customer service is similarly simple. We have an experienced and campaign-tested team of professionals that will be by your side through every step of designing and implementing your communications strategy. We’re not simply consultants on the other end of the phone. We’re committed to becoming an integral part of your team, providing the expertise, support and service your campaign needs…and deserves.